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      Ace Hotels loves vinyl

      When travelling to a new city, one of my first stops is a local record store. But, when I find something interesting, I typically have to wait until I get back to New York before I can give it a proper listen.

      Not so if I'm staying at an Ace Hotel.  Rooms at Ace are stocked with a Music Hall turntable and a bin full of records. Jackpot!

      The design and vibe will make you feel like you're crashing at you're friend's bohemian pad as opposed to a cookie cutter chain hotel. Pricing is very reasonable as they cut out the services you really don't need.

      The New York Times called it "the country's most original new hotel" and Wallpaper called it "pure rock'n'roll bohemia".  Currently only in Seattle and Portland, they will be opening locations in New York and Palm Springs in March 2009.


      Play and Display Frames

      As fans of packaging and album cover art, it's no suprise that we are fans of these Play and Display frames. Not only are they much better looking than those cheap vinyl frames you'll find at Urban Outfitters, but they have the ability to flip open so you can access the record without taking the frame apart.

      Art Vinyl is the original way to display your favourite music and vinyl record art. Something new for music enthusiasts and an original interior design concept.

      Create an original display with vinyl records you already own and buy. Experience more pleasure from your favorite music and artists with the Play & Display Flip frame.

      It's easy to change your Art Vinyl display. The Play & Display Flip Frame has a unique quick release system, allowing you to instantly change your Art Vinyl record display as often as you like, available in both a neutral black and stunning white.

      They are expensive at $59 each or $149 for a three pack. Available here from InSound.


      The Archive


      Brionvega RR226

      When Italian design meets analog living, great things happen. Here we see the RR226, an updated version of a classic 1960s all-in-one system.

      First designed by brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1965, the original Radiofonografio kicked off a home AV revolution as 'musical component robot', featuring radio, movable amplifiers, and record player in one package.

      Today's version stays true to the original design, adding a CD / DVD player and new technology under the hood.

      It's not available for sale just yet and with no price announced, I'd expect a price tag that resembles the GDP of a small country.




      buying records on nylvi

      The web can be a phenominal resource for finding those records that you never seem to come across in local stores. While not always as exciting as digging through bins, finding that obscure album online can still bring a smile to your face.

      With the newly launched nylvi, we get a simple, dedicated marketplace for connecting local stores to vinyl seekers.  The interface is straightforward and as they continue to onboard more stores, the inventory will grow.

      When you create your account, you can search for records and see what's going on in various scenes around the world. When you find something you like, nylvi acts as a connection between you and the seller by coordinating the confirmation, payment, and receipt process.

      I just placed my first order for a couple 7" singles out of a store in Ft. Worth, TX. Stay tuned for the follow up.