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      Album protectors by BCW

      If you're looking for something thicker and more rigid than a typical record sleeve, check out these record toploaders from BCW.  The high-impact rigid PVC keeps the album snug while protecting the corners. If you've ever dropped an album, you know how easy it is to dent the corners. These protectors will prevent that.

      At around $3 each, it would be pricey to use these for your entire collection. We recommend them for your more valuable albums or as a simple way to display records (they look awesome with our DIY holder).

      They were sold-out on the BCW website so I picked up a set of 5 from The2Buds here for $15. Additional discounts are available based on volume so if you have some friends into vinyl, you can split a larger pack.


      Limited Edition: Air and Massive Attack 

      Fans of Air and Massive Attack will want to check out these two great limited edition albums available over at The Vinyl Factory.

      The AIR, Love 2 box set is limited to just 300 copies. In addition to the 200 gram vinyl, fans will be treated to some great packaging that feature signatures from Nicholas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel of Air. It is available here for £75

      The Massive Attack, Splitting the Atom EP is limited to just 1000 copies. The 180 gram record is the only physical release of the band's 4 track EP. It's available here for £20.


      Weekly Roundup


      My Analog Apartment: Wishlist Giveaway

      Have a list of records that you've been trying to add to your collection? We want to help. Next Friday, October 23rd, we will randomly select 3 users on My Analog Apartment that have 5 or more records in their wishlist, find one record from their wishlist (up to $20 value), and send it to them.

      How do I become eligible for this giveaway?

      Simply make sure you have an account at (it's free) and have 5 or more records in your wishlist. We'll do the drawing next week and let the winners know via email.


      TurntablistPC by Morgens Jacobsen

      The TurntablistPC is a fascinating installation created by Morgens Jacobsen back in 2004. Although currently not on display, it's an interesting project involving a turntable + computer mashup where the turntable playback is controlled by visits to websites. Here's more about it:

      TurntablistPC is a telematic hybrid of a turntable (gramophone) and an old personal computer. 

      TurntablistPC is a server which third-party websites can access. A small file is hosted on the TurntablistPC. Subscribing websites place a short piece of code on their pages. This code sends information to the TurntablistPC. When somebody visits one of the subscribing websites, the TurntablistPC spins the record. 
      Control is remote and hidden. But output - audio - is local only (through speakers in the TurntablistPC). 

      The location of the remote website controls the direction of the spin. If the website is located east of the TurntablistPC, it spins clockwise. If it is located west of the TurntablistPC, the spin is counterclockwise.

      The distance to the visiting user determines the amount of spin. If you are near the TurntablistPC, you will only scratch the vinyl. If you are far away, it will play a whole section of the record.

      Additional information and photos can be found here. The last I heard of this installation was back in 2007 when it was on display in Denmark. Anyone know if it's been on display more recently or here in the states?