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      Vinyl Meetups happening everwhere!

      A while back, we started a Meetup group her in NYC so local record lovers could get together, support local stores, and trade vinyl tips. It's been a blast. Since then, several cities have started their own Vinyl Meetups including a great one in San Francisco (they have a Meetup tomorrow!)

      Now, we're happy to announce that we are going global. We created a Vinyl Meetup Everywhere so anyone in any city could connect with fellow vinyl lovers and meet face to face. It's

      Here's how it works:

      • Simply visit
      • Find / start a nearby Meetup (totally free and super simple)
      • Click "I'm interested" to show that you're down for meeting up
      • Share the link with your fellow vinyl lovers - tweet it, facebook it, blog it, install the widget (see right), etc.
      • Coordinate the date / time with others that have signed up
      • Meet in person to have a record swap, visit a store, or have a listening party (you name it)!

      Here's a realtime map of what's going on. Let's see where we can take this and keep vinyl lovers connected everywhere!



      Ceramic Turntables by Fabien Clerc

      Check out these amazing fully functional ceramic turntables by Fabien Clerc. Created for a recent exhibit, the "back in the good old days" installation featuers two ceramic turntables, mixer, and headphones complete with detailed flower decoration and gold leaf.

      More photos and info on Design Boom here.


      Grado Wooden Box 




      Looking to give your Grado headphones a proper home when they're not on your head? Check out this great mahogany box from Grado with custom inserts based on the model you have.

      Available from their site for $75.


      Interview: James Bradley of Sound Fix

      We're excited to bring you an interview with James Bradley, owner of Sound Fix and fellow vinyl aficionado. Sound Fix is a great record store in Brooklyn located at 44 Berry Street in Williamsburg. I had the chance to meet James and check out his amazing store last week during Record Store Day. Here's more about how he got started with vinyl, opening a record store and more. Enjoy!

      Click to read more ...


      Display vinyl for around $5 / record

      I was looking  for simple, yet nice way to display some records on my wall. My main requirements were that it was cheap,  that I could easily take the records down to play / change the display, and that no part of the record would be at risk of being damaged.

      Here's how I did it:

      1. Take four 13"stretcher bars (used to stretch canvas for paintings) that I picked up here for $1.00 each

      2. Assemble to make a 13" square

      3. Apply one sticky side of velcro strips to the four corners of the square and expose the other sticky side

      4. Stick a record that is in a nice plastic sleeve (opening on the top) to the sticky part





      The end result: a simple frame that allows me to easily swap out records.

      Next, I'll be filling in the gaps in the wood and painting it with a nice white enamel.

      What do you think?